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"I'll build you what ever you want Hun, just make sure you have the cash for it. My work doesn't come cheap."

Anna Wilson/The InventorEdit

Anna Wilson is the Inventor, you want it, she probably has it and if she doesn't have it, she will build it...that is if you have the right amount of greenery. Anna takes great pride in her work and she expects to get paid for the quality she provides. She is a workaholic by nature and has been known to forget that sleep and food are not optional parts of life. Being a smart mouthed bitch is something she takes pride in and anyone who diminishes her intellect will feel her wrath.


Anna was born in a rather wealthy family and has always been a little different since day one. Anna has heterochromatic, meaning two different eye colors (one blue and one green) and Vitiligo (a condition that causes depigmentation of sections of skin). Many people have been shocked by her appearance and, occasionally, have treated her like she is diseased. Despite this, she has never let that bother her and even embraces her unusual appearance. In fact, as a child she was teased constantly, but she didn’t let that stop her from enjoying learning and working with her hands. She has always shown that she was very intelligent, and even liked to cram as much information into her head as possible. Her level of intellect is clearly shown when she graduated valedictorian from Stanford University (majoring in engineering). She moved to Gotham to satisfy her need to create and to keep her hands moving at all times. The prospect of creating new and unusual things is something Anna could never pass up. To her, it makes no difference who she works with, all that matters is that she can keep her hands moving.

Anna's work quickly spreads amongst the criminal community and many of the big name villains come to her shop. A few of these big time criminals are: The Mad Hatter, Two Face, Phobia, SteamPunk, and Fast Track. Ironically, she becomes emotionally involved with the hero Cyborg. Knowing that it would be a bad thing if her relationship with him got out her clients would stop coming to her, or use her as bait, she keeps Cyborg a secret to them and keep them a secret from him. She is able to keep this secret for quit some time but that ends shortly after the Invasion is over.

Cyborg learns of who her clients are and tries to get her to stop working for them. Her insatiable need to create makes her unable to stop and she refuses to quit. She continues to work and Cyborg is no longer allowed to go near her shop. Now that Cyborg doesn't come to her shop, she is free to work with who ever she wants. When Lex Luthor offers her the chance to work for him, Anna jumps on it and begins to tinker with the Brainiac technology he gives her. Under a strict contract with Luthor, she has to force herself to not tell Cyborg of what she has acquired and this makes it harder for her to spend any amount of time with him. She has always allowed her work to be out in the open, however she knew that Cyborg would become more forceful about her stopping.

Realizing he would put her work in jeopardy and the idea that she may have to change scared her. As she struggled to keep her love life and career separate, she combats her emotional conflict by turning to the bar. Each day the strain gets harder and she drinks more to combat it, drinking heavily until she forgets what is upsetting her. On the occasions that she has been drinking outside her shop, she had slept with a small handful of men. Devistated that she has betrayed Cyborg, Anna breaks down and tells him of what she has done, promising him that it will never happen again. However, that night she goes to the bar and falls back into her old habit once more. Cyborg finds out about this and leaves her immediately.

This is the last straw for Anna, sending her into a downward spiral as she begins to obsess over her flaws. The more she thinks about all the wrongs she has done, the more robots she builds. With each new robot, she compares herself to them and begin to realize that they do not possess the same flaws as she does. Each robot is efficient, emotionless building and killing machines, something she sees as perfection. Wanting to become perfect, Anna now begins to seek aid from those who she works with to take the Brainiac technology Luthor has given her and have it installed into herself. Having very little luck, Anna is forced to wait until a better opportunity to come around and install it then. In the mean time, she has begun to work more closely with the Mad Hatter.

At first, she purely works with him to enhance his mind control technology. However, she is intrigued by his insistence on calling her Alice and decides to toss on a blue hat and blouse, playing along to see what will happen. He surprises her by treating her like he cares about her, a feeling that she has lost since her break up with Cyborg. This makes her come back several times and even help him on a big heist. For some time, Anna believes that he is blinded by his obsession with Alice and is shocked to discover that he is fully aware that she isn't Alice. Hatter persuades her to be Alice, promising to give her what ever she wants, but warns her that treachery will not go unpunished. Anna ignores the obvious dangers that come with working with this madman and agrees to work along side him.

The Inventor Alice Edit

Anna Alice lolitadress

  After working with Hatter for for some time, Anna begins to develop feelings for him and eventually falling for him. While working with him, she still struggles to maintain her own identity as well as fitting into Wonderland. She refuses to admit it but she changes drastically while working with him, wearing a more Victorian style of the blue dress and working almost exclusively with him. However, she does still continue to work with other criminals and has to sneak out of Wonderland to do so. Hatter doesn't approve of this and each time she tries to leave he goes out of his way to trap her in Wonderland. One day he takes it to far and she loses her temper, using her bots to destroy Wonderland as she leaves again. Outraged by her actions, he retaliates by putting a military base under mind control and going to her workshop to attack. He levels her workshop and they go to war, destroying a good part of Gotham in the process. Eventually they do stop fighting and come to an agreement before returning to Wonderland. 

Anna shortly after this tries to learn how he builds his mind control device and accidentally damages it. When Hatter puts it on, he is zapped with his own mind control and becomes her puppet for a few days. Terrified that she may have lost him forever but not above taking advantage of it, Anna uses him as her own personal butler and dressing him up as a Chip 'n Dale. As soon as he has control of his body again, Hatter makes Anna live through the same torment as he did and then some, making her finally admit that she loves him to all of Gotham during a recorded walk of shame around the perimeter of Wonderland. Now that she has confessed her feelings, Anna gives up on fighting her feelings and almost totally discards her identity as The Inventor until someone comes to her for a commission.

Now that she has accpeted her feelings, Anna's sanity spirals out of control. After only a few short months, she renounces her birth name and enbraces the name Alice. She surprises Hatter with this revelation and soon the two of them are openly in a romantic relationship. Delighted by the relationship, she tells anyone that will listen, not that she gives anyone a choice, all about how much he loves her. This gets her neck deep in trouble when she is captured by Sinestro. Sinestro had every intention to work with her, but her infatuation makes her mentally unstable and unwilling to do his bidding. He instead uses her as bait for Hatter and takes advantage of his rescue attempt, blowing up the Gotham bridge.

However, this is not the end of her torment at his hands as he captures her once again, purely to use her fears against her. This infuriates Hatter and her dear friends, Minotaur and Damaged, making them come to her aid. They battle Sinestro's goons and by the end of it all take his ring away. Anna barely manages to escape her holding cell, emotionally broken, crying out for her beloved. Hatter doesn't disappoint, rushing over to her and scooping her up before whisking her back to Wonderland to recover.

Once she has recovered from the ordeal, the pair decide to go on a well deserved date...which ends with Hatter being captured by Beth Kane and Anna being shot in the stomach. Beth was once one of the many blondes that could have been Hatter's Alice. However, she was too crazy for his liking and he had long since decided that he wanted nothing to do with her. Bleeding heavily, she tries to steal a car so she can start her search for him. By chance, she is rescued by Kate Kane and the two agree to work together to save Hatter from Beth.

The two women hit it off quite well and through their rescue, Anna discovers that she is Batwoman. Even knowing this juicy tid-bit, she decides to keep this information to herself as she has become quite fond of having her around. From this point on, she and Kate have an uneasy friendship.

Anna nurses Hatter back to health again and the two eventually have a rather long discussion about where their relationship is going. After bringing some lawyers to Wonderland, they agree to become engaged. Whether or not they will ever tie the knot is up for debate, but the engagement has comforted Anna and has silenced her fear that one day he will become bored with her. For her, that would be devistating and make her world come crashing down around her...and she can't have that happen again.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Anna has no superhuman powers aside from her genius intellect. She has been trained extensively in Taekwondo, Judo and Karate. Though she rarely throws a punch, she would much rather use her creations to do the fighting. As a general rule, Anna prefers to create for others and reap the profits. However, due to working with the villains of Gotham, she has slowly begun to go mad and has been seen working closely with the Mad Hatter. Along with her creations, Anna is an expert at hacking into just about anything. She has hacked into Cyborg's systems, granted she had caused him to go insane temporarily when she did, as well as the Virtual World that  was controlled by SteamPunk for some time.

Anna's costume is reminiscing of the Steam Punk look that she has been introduced to by one of her first clients, SteamPunk. She wears a thick leather vest, gloves and pants to protect herself while she works. She also wears a device that she calls her "exoskeleton". This device enables her to control her robots at the same time.

Since she has joined Hatter, Anna has drastically changed her costume. Now her costume is a wide variety of blue dresses that can look Victorian reminiscent or be an exact replica of the typical Alice costume. She has a love of wearing pretty dresses and grows bored of wearing the same dress too often. She is often seen stealing new dresses or forcing a tailor/costume designer to make her new clothes. Her exoskeleton is concealed by her dresses and her hair, connecting to the black hair band that she wears all the time to help secure it onto her head.

Tech and WeaponsEdit


She has made a modified version of the Chinese weapon call the tonfa. Traditionally, they are fifteen to twenty inches long, made from red oak and wielded in pairs. However, red oak just doesn’t fit her needs. Anna’s design uses Titanium and will be fifteen inches long with retractable, stainless steel, five inch long blades. She also made a leather belt and garter style holster for easy carry. 

Her Tonfa are not very heavy, since they are made of Titanium. Not only is Titanium by nature durable, but it is resistant to heat and electricity. However, they can be broken (Croc, Zod, and Superman could snap them like twigs) especially after extensive use.


The design shows that it by a high-performance engine that is geared for faster acceleration. There are no exhaust pipes, instead the exhaust is routed through the hollowed frame. The bike is steered by the shoulders instead of hands, allowing for better control, and the rider lies belly down for better aerodynamics. There is a touch screen computer below the gauges, allowing the rider to have use of a GPS and full access to autopilot. The bike can be programmed to drive without out a rider, making it possible to use the bike as a distraction if needed.

    Attack guard bots

Anna's spider bots are the size of a small tanks, outfitted with four optics that are on the surface of their bodies that rotates and resemble a head. Each optic has three pinholes that are used to pick up the body temperatures of their target. They normally operate as independent units and receive orders from Anna through the exoskeleton, but they can also be manually controlled by directly piloted from the cockpit located inside the "thorax". The pilot sits in 360 rotary seat and has controls the top unit and leans in over the front section and controls the unit in a semi-prone position. The wheels were a change from my original as each arm had one wheel. Their design is based on the jumping spider in terms of bio-mechanical modeling and have six legs and two arms. 

Anna remotely controls the bots using her exoskeleton, which has a direct link to her spinal column. They can move by walking, or hover above any surface and "fly" at high speeds. Other abilities of these bots include jumping great distances, sticking to vertical or inverted surfaces, and grappling/rappelling using built in grappling launchers. To make balance easier, they can move their heavy thoraxes with a Ball joint. They are equipped with a 7.62 x 51 mm light machine gun mounted in the right arm; an EMP blaster, and a universal cybernetic connector on an extensible, prehensile cable in the left arm; liquid wires that can be used for grappling, rappelling or for restraining the desired target, located in their abdomen and a 50 mm grenade launcher, capable of launching both explosive and gas grenades in their thorax.

    Robot bunnie by raodono-d4pnraz

Even though they were designed as a gift to the Mad Hatter, Anna is the one who generally controls their actions (though Hatter does have the ability to control them as well with no fear of them conflicting with his mind control band). Anna's bunny bots are similar to her spider bots, outfitted with optics that are used to pick up the body temperatures of their target and normally operate as independent units until they receive their orders from Anna. They are over nine feet tall when standing on their hind legs and three feet tall when on all fours. The bunny bots are designed for speed with their long legs and are able to reach speeds of 100 mph. They are very agile and they use that agility to maneuver through the urban landscape with ease.

Their ears act as not only as handles should they become the only available escape vehicle, but they are also used as an enhancer to their optics in total darkness. Their chest cavities are totally empty and are used as storage for loot or anything else that Anna decides to bring along. They are equipped with carrot rocket launchers mounted in  both arms and EMP blasters that extends from their "hands". When they are close to being defeated, they self destruct to prevent reproduction or data to be stolen.  During the self destruct, the internal electronics fry themselves and then the bot falls apart, essentially  becoming scrap metal.


This device enables her to control her robots in mass quantities at the same time, however when doing attacks through them her attention is heavily divided. The device attaches directly to her spine, starting from the nap of her neck and ending between her shoulder blades, it wraps around either side of her head to attach to her hairband. She is directly linked to each of her robots and is able to use them to see or hear what is surrounding them. When she is controlling each robot, she is focused on what they are doing and is venerable to any attack to herself. This device is currently a prototype and Anna is still struggling to improve the flaws.