The Comedian Trailer Fanedit

The Comedian Trailer Fanedit


First Appearance The Watchmen #1 1986

The ComedianEdit

Costume-Hero Muderer War Hero Assassin

Comedian 2.0Edit

Edward 'Eddie' Morgan Blake a.ka. The Comedian Male U.S. American Former member of the Minutemen, very loosely affiliated with Crimebusters/Watchmen U.S. Government 'Black Ops' Operative/Assassin.

Highly Intelligent and Intuitive, with Sociopathic tendencies.

Powers: Expert-level tactical-thinking, proficient in use of high-powered weaponry, Body-Armor, unbending will-power and confidence to the point of overwhelming arrogance.

Weakness: Mortal. Can be easily angered.


Character Note:

Arkham's Eddie Blake is of the DC 'Prime' Universe, that is, he's not the one in the alternate universe of the Watchman graphic novel. Arkham's Comedian experienced the history where Richard Nixon was impeached, where the U.S. lost the Vietnam War. However, only his historical bio is different, he's the same ringtailed sumbitch in any reality.

Has an 'illegit' daughter, Rebecca 'Tank' Blake. Think Tank Girl but, of course, she isn't Tank Girl cause Tank Girl isn't DC Comics. Still, think Tank Girl. She's the heavy vehicle operator of Devil Dog Squad.

Commander of Devil Dog Squard

Comedian Redoubt, warehouse and underground HQ. Heavily defended. You really shouldn't go there uninvited.

As far as Eddie is concerned, to qoute Harlan Ellison, love ain't nothin' but sex misspelled. He's the one Carley Simon wrote You're So Vain about.

And, yeah, he was the one on the grassy knoll.

Currently married to Andrea Beaumont-Blake

Warning: Do not trust this man. He cares about 3 people on Earth and you ain't one of 'em.