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Eminem ft. Obie Trice & DMX - Go To Sleep HQ & Lyrics

First Appearance Sept 2013

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Slim Crybaby SpectreEdit


BOSS CRYBABY aka The Boss MC, Slim Spectre, MC Spectre

Arkham Mob Boss

A Motown native, one-time Hip Hop performer, record producer and known mob-enforcer. Came up in the Gustavo Fring Syndicate’s Midwest division. After Fring’s murder, Spectre rapidly rose up in the ranks, eventually taking over the Motown area operations.

Co-Founder and co-owner of Phat Pole Jam Studios, in partnership with MC 'Lectric Larry, legitimate recording operation.

Due to intense federal scrutiny, Spectre moved to Gotham after the Zod Invasion. Moving his vast wealth out of the city is thought to be a contributing factor in Detroit’s financial collaspe.

A complete pyschopath. Known as an extremely violent individual who killed his own mother and wife, burying both victims himself. Imprisoned for the double murders, but released on appeal after police irregularities came to light.

Extreme misanthrope. Deals in drugs, prostitution, protection rackets, murder for hire ring and record producer.

Engaged in on-going rap feud with the artist, Infamous Any Gem

You weak ass punk gotta get behind yo women 'fo you man-up to stand-up

Whine and moan like a mangy wet-behind-the-ears no-game boi-pup

Tryin to tell me how to play when I can fuck your ass rawdog any motherfucking day

Shit yeah I know I'm better than you The whole house knows it And you do to --from the shred track CryBaby's Bitch

Currently, muscling in on Arkham District. Suspected associate of the late Kimo Fooks. As such, he possesses advanced weaponry. All of Spectre’s clothing is bullet-proofed by graphene coating.

His gang is responsible for the popular street drug super-meth, known as ‘Stan’ or ‘Blue Moon’.

Considered armed and extremely dangerous. Do not approach without backup.

Superpower: Insanity

Weaknesses: Insanity

Eminem - Without Me

Eminem - Without Me


Slim CryBaby Spectre was inspired by the uber nut-job alter-ego persona of the hip-hop artist, Eminem.

Added to the mixture, ust to make it that much more volatile, was the legendary violent tendencies of convicted murderer, Phil Spectre, the only man in the world who hired security to protect others against him.

Currently, Crybaby is working to become Boss of Bosses of Gotham criminal underworld.

Also, engaging in a torrid, dangerous affair with the journalist Victoria 'Vicki' Vale. We wish Ms. Vale good luck with that.