Gerald the special flamingoEdit

Gerald was a gift to Penguin by the staff in the Iceberg Lounge. To this day, no one knows where they got the bird, but either way he has made his way into everyone's hearts. As lovable as this flamingo is, he does drive his “Daddy” insane with his shenanigans. Gerald has a known love of all things shiny and is known to swallow coins as well as steal what ever silverware he can get his beak on. His hyperactive behavior and upbeat personality makes it very hard to hate him. Gerald was formally introduced to the city by Oswald during a press conference. Originally, Gerald's presence was intended to be a publicity stunt to tug at Gotham's heartstrings but instead made Oswald into a laughing stalk. Through the grace of God, this improved Oswald's popularity with the citizens of Gotham.


  • Shiny things...all of them...they are all Gerald's once he sees them
  • shrimp, his daddy does like to spoil him
  • eating coins
  • cuddling up to daddy
  • short attention span