Sh*t That Harley Quinn Says

Sh*t That Harley Quinn Says

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First Appearance September 11, 1992, Joker's Favor, in Batman: The Animated Series

First Comic Book Appearance The Batman Adventures #12 September 1993

Quinn is ranked #45 on IGN Top 100 Comic Book Villians.

Ranked 16th in Comics Buyer's Guide's "100 Sexiest Women in Comics


Dr. Harleen Frances Quinzel, M.D. entered canon first as a character on Batman, The animated Series. She proved so popular that she medium-hopped and became a comic book villian afterwards.

Her distinctive Brooklyn accent was originally voiced by Arleen Sorkin who was also an inspiration for the character.

Few characters have managed her medium-hop feat, John Diggle, originated by David Ramsey, of the live-action Arrow TV series being the latest, rare example.

Character BioEdit

Two things are readily discernible about Dr. Quinzel. She is abundantly sexy and she's a complete nut-job. A completely homicidal nut-job.

She is also fiercely loyal to The Joker, her lover and serial domestic abuser. She calls him Puddin. And she's his Punkin.

She seems to run on pure, unadulterated Id. Mercurial, chaotic, egotistical, courageous, intelligent. And, tellingly, able to trap The Batman single-handedly. Unfettered by the psychological restraints which prevent the Joker from ever actually killing Bats, Harley has come, on at least one occasion, an inch away from killing B-Man. She was foiled by none other than Mr. J himself.

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Quinzel was assigned to The Joker during one of his many stints in Arkham Asylum. Long story short, she fell hard for his macabre charm and helped him to escape. On the occassion when he was returned to the institution, badly injured, Quinzel went batshit crazy, to coin a phrase. The pyschotic break resulted in the Quinn personality emergence and dominance.

It was from this point that Harley Quinn became The Joker's lover and assistant, although she enjoys a full life separate from the arch-villian as well. She's close friends with Poison Ivy from whom the former doctor recieved certain serums which make her highly resistant to toxins and enhances her strength.

She admits to bleaching her hair blonde.

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