Harleen Quinzel is gone. Joker might be the only person to know what happened to her . However, when he ran into this little tart in Arkham and she helped break him out there was just a little something about her that made him smile.

Her name was Miriam Webster. At the age of 5 she was struck my lightening in the back of her head . This should have killed her but it didnt. She survived . She struggled to learn everything again at such a tender age and of course there was this strange ability to produce lightening from her body.

At first it was just small things . It wasnt trouble some but when she accidently eletrocuted the family cat her parents become afraid of their little girl. They abadoned her at the age of 8. She was placed in a Wayne backed orphange. Harley learned to controll herself and vowed never ever to use it again .

The man that ran this orphange had a liking for little girls . She also had a liking for money and would video tape his escapades and sell them. Harley became is star . She would let him do whatever he wished to her . All the while believing she deserved it . That and it kept him from doing it to other little girls . Then he added a new star to the show and thats when she just couldnt allow it . She fried him to a crisp and ran away . She was 10 years old.

Over the years she became a Master at certain things like aquiring things illegally. Computer hacking and fraud. There wasnt a building she couldnt get into . This would prove handy when she wanted to get into Arkham . She broke into Wayne Industries and let herself get caught . Then manipulates the files to get her locked in the cell next to Joker. There he was . Her idol.

She helps him escape and then begins the transformation under his hands . Now with her Glasgow smile she is Mistah Js main squeeze . He calls her Harley Quinn.

Harley is a Meta Human. She makes lightening within her body .