"Oooh...a new plaything...about damn time too...I was starting to get bored."

Birth name: Eliza Klosvoski

Fake name: Miranda Schwartz

Alias: Manticore 


For the majority of her life, Eliza’s father was off in Fiji with his mistress, leaving Eliza to be raised by her mother. Growing up, Eliza was always a little…different. Since she was a child, she was antisocial and had violent tendencies. Her mother believed that she was just expressing herself, that she was just crying out for attention, and would grow out of it. Unfortunately for her mother, Eliza was known as the problem child…releasing two hundred bullfrogs down the hallways, cutting ponytails off the girls who annoyed her, starting fights, and, most notably, blowing up all the toilets in the girls bathroom in the local church. As she reaches her teens, it appears that Eliza does start to grow out of it when her mother forces her to join extra curricular activities. Eliza joins the chess club, the choir and gets involved in gymnastics. She quickly learns how to blend in, faking a smile and pretending to have an interest in her “friends”. However, her act of good behavior nose dived when her father reappears in the picture. After staying away from her throughout her childhood, her father now suddenly wants to be a part of her life. Her world is turned upside down when he starts a custody battle, dragging her in and out of court as they bicker over who she will live with. When the decision is reached that her father will have full custody, Eliza is livid. When forced to live with him, her life becomes a living hell.

Every night, she is shooed off to her room so he can play with his many mistresses. As puberty starts to kick in, her father’s friends begin to pay attention to her, treating her like she is another one of the women who he brings home…touching her where ever, when ever they want. Eliza initially tries pleading with her father to make them stop, giving up when he laughs at her. She begins to go back to her old ways, attacking those around her that annoy her. Gradually, she detaches herself from others, no longer caring about how her actions affect those around her. As she begins to stop caring, she starts issuing threats to her father and his friends, warning them not to touch her again. For a while, they simply laugh at her, thinking she is all talk. Eliza restrains herself as she struggles to finish school, counting the days until she is able to escape. Each day that she gets closer to graduation, her father’s friends begin to get more aggressive. She snaps when one corners her in the bathroom and tries to rape her. Feeling fear for the first time in years, Eliza panics as she struggles to escape his grasp and grabs for the closest thing to her, a toothbrush. Acting without thinking, she jabs a toothbrush into his eye and is arrested that night for attempt at murder. While in juvie, she begins plotting her revenge…starting with her death. Eliza knew that if she was “dead”, there would be no record of her new existence. Once she is released, she spends the next few months working out every detail of her death, planning every step before and after, even going as far as making it appear like her father was the one who had killed her.

..….Nearly six months after her arrest, Eliza Klosvoski’s charred remains are found abandoned next to the road…naked with her face, scalp, hands and feet removed…Thanks to several anonymous tips, her father is arrested and charged with rape and manslaughter. His trial is short and his pleas fall onto deaf ears, not a soul believing him thanks to the mountain of evidence that was found in his office. He is convicted and sentenced to live in prison with no chance of parole……

Three weeks after his arrest, Miranda Schwartz comes into existence, she even has a new social security number and birthday, and leaves the town to start traveling across the country. Over the next few years, Miranda becomes more intrigued by the pain and suffering of others, even enjoying prolonging their suffering before silencing them. With each kill, she becomes more efficient, cleaner. On the rare occasion she allows someone to live, she leaves them half dead and carves the name “Manticore” somewhere on their body. She works her way across the country, quickly building up a rather large body count, and catches wind of the chaos that happens in Gotham. At first she isn’t overly interested, but her mind quickly changes when she hears of the villains living there…the few that catch her interest are: Phobia, Scarecrow, Damaged and Joker. Miranda decides to move to Gotham, wanting to see these individuals in action. Upon her arrival, she meets CryBaby, a “business” man of little importance in her quest but proves to be entertaining enough to allow to live. Through pure chance, she sees him again, witnessing him dangle a business associate off his balcony. Now he has her complete attention and she persuades his goons to let her in to talk to him. The pair agree to become business associates…he likes that she will kill and she likes that he will pay her and provide playthings for her to entertain herself with to.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Manticore is an observant and fairly intelligent individual. Her expertise in stealth, gymnastics, and mix-martial artist make her a surprisingly formidable foe. She wears metal gloves that enhance her strength enough to scale the side of a three story building, as well as creating razor sharp talons that she happily uses to slice up both playthings and those who cross her.

However, she still has the same weaknesses as any other human, and her love of creating chaos for the hell of it can lead to her making hasty decisions when she is bored. Manticore has little to no concern about her own safety, and has been known to lose control when enraged.