1. Choose a character. You can pick a canon character but please look on the forum at the taken character list first. You can play and Character as long as they come from DC Comics but, Please bear in mind that if your character is one of the godly characters You may be asked to modify your powers or asked to pick another one all together. Your Other option is to create a character. Sign up for the forum and fill out a character sheet. Once it is approved you can begin rp with your abilities and such.

2. Be familiar with the rooms rules, which can be found below and on the forum as well.

3. Observing is welcome but when you are ready to Role Play . Just jump in there . Putting yourself in the thick of things in this room is welcomed . Just be mindful of player locations via the Pull Downs. If they are in a private residence then more than likely you aren't going to even know where they are.

4. Use common courtesy and common sense.

5. While BD/SM is within the realm of this theme it is not the main focus. Please don't troll for it in here. You will be asked to leave or Booted.

6. Sex does happen in here. Please don't Troll for it. You will be asked to leave or Booted. 

7. If scenes of Graphic violence or Rape disturb you Then this is not the place for you. This is a violent world. 

8. Stay up to date on the current happenings within the Role Play. There is an update thread on the forum. Please read it. 

9. Please keep your Drama out of the Role Play and out of this room. If you have an issue with someone here . Do not bring it in here. You will be booted and banned. 

10. This is the most important tip of them all. HAVE FUN!


1. No lurking. Observing and asking questions is fine however, if you are idle for more than 10 minutes you risk being booted.

2. This is not a BDSM room. Keep your Master Mistress stuff out of here. Such things do happen in the realm of this role play however. If you are planning to Keep a character in here that ends up doing that kind of stuff that is fine but that is not the main focus of this room.

3. You are welcome to make original characters in here. Thats right you can create your very own hero or villan. They will be subject to approval however. You can not play any powers or abilities in the room until you are approved. Please sign up for the forum and post a Bio. There is a template available. Once approved you can then add it to the wiki.

4. There is a list of canon charatcers that have been taken. Please do not come in as a canon character thats on the taken list. (If you would like to play a character that has been listed as deceased, please seee Tyger, Harley, or Batgirl. Comic characters rarely stay dead and we may be able to work something up. -BG)

5. Sex and scenes of brutal and graphic rape and violence happen here. If this offends you then just dont even bother coming here.

6. No OOC harassment. Harassment will be dealt with quickly.

7. This is a Role Play room. Out of Character is kept to a minimum.

8. Please respect the limits of the people behind the character . For Example ,If they PM you and say that anal rape is a no no then dont anal rape them.

9. This is meant to be fun so please have fun.

10. If you are going to be gone for any period of time please let us know via a post here on the forum or get word to one of the members . Other wise after 14 days absence your character can be taken away and put back up for grabs. ( canon characters only)

11. Yes, this is an adult chat room. Yes, sex does happen in here. No, you are not entitled to sex just because you are in the room. If the rp goes there, that's great. If it doesn't, you move on and keep playing. No one is assured of any form of sexual play by coming into this room, and picking on people because they won't sleep with your character is NOT COOL.

12. Roleplay Freedom of Speech is sacred here. All In-Character speech is considered protected speech. If an in-character word is used which is sexist, racist, etc. it can be challenged In-Character.

While neither sexism nor racism is condoned or tolerated OOC we are not afraid of words here. We embrace them, we wrestle with them, we love them. We stand shoulder to shoulder to speak freely and bold. We are brave with our expression. And, we will remain so, though the Pillars of Heaven fall.

13. Censorship is against Room policy. Censorship is to the written word what homicide is to living flesh. We are not a totalitarian state. We do not commit prior censorship nor censor others' intellectual property without consulting the creator first.

14. Rules subject to change at anytime.




  • Raids are fun. How can they not be? It’s a chance to show you’re not afraid to blow shit up!

Now, far be it from us to throw a turd into the punchbowl, but we believe while we are happily blowing shit up we need to be doing it from the rule-book. So, and we can’t believe we're saying this, we have to have some Rules of Engagement.


1- No God-mod’ing weapons.

If you are a street thug you can’t have Wonder Woman’s invisible jet. You can’t have a rocket-launcher. You can’t have an atomic bomb. I mean, really, where’d you get that stuff in the first place?

2- Before mounting an attack, you must post the weaponry you’re bringing to bear. And, that weaponry has to’ve been posted in your character profile.

This does not mean that you’re alerting your target it only means you are limited to the weapons you have revealed beforehand.

3- If your weaponry is Weak, you don’t have much of chance against a Hard, Difficult or Legendary target. Conversely, if your defense is Weak a Difficult offense is gonna roll over you. Sorry.

4- If you are legitimately killed in battle you are dead. Your character is dead. You will have to start all over with a different character, or find a plausible way of being ressurected.

5- If you are wounded in battle a minimum of 2 days roleplay is required for you to heal.

6- Any raid disputes will be settled by the Character Review committee. Their decision is final so don’t whine about it, it’s not feminine.

Defensive/Offensive Strength Levels






These levels apply both to targets and people.

Levels are determined either by canon or events which have transpired within room roleplay. For example, The Joker or Harley Quinn's hideouts are Legendary because they are both geniuses at canon combat.

The Arkham Batcave is Easy because at this time it has been abandoned in room roleplay.

Characters match the difficulty level of their pulldown and vice versa.

  • raids include personal duels