"You will remember that I am one tough bird."
Penguin bats


Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot received his alter-ego from a childhood taunt. His peers teased him because of his appearance and love of birds These traits also made him an outcast in his family. He turns to a life of crime because of the rejection from his family. For years, Cobblepot lives a life of crime, and is very successful. However he grew tired of being looked down upon by the upper class. This is when he announces that he is reforming and opens the Iceberg Lounge. He quickly becomes a celebrity and the lounge dominates the nightlife.

Despite claiming to being a legitimate businessman, he continues to gain success as a criminal mastermind manipulating the massive criminal underground. He continues to operate this way for years, fencing stolen property or arranging early furloughs for incarcerated criminal associates (for a hefty fee) on the side. When Gotham City was leveled by an earthquake, he was one of the major players in the mostly-abandoned and lawless city, using his connections to sell necessities at outrageous prices. Eventually, the Iceberg Lounge and the other nightlife hotspots were closed down, and Cobblepot moves back into the Cobblepot estate and continues to run his business there. He makes himself comfortable once he successfully convinced the city he was a legitimate business owner.

Oswald has a heart attack and is bedridden for months. He continues to run his business while he is recovering, fearing that if he waits too long he will lose control over the city. He hires Dr. Kinsolving, one of the best Cardiologists in the country, to help him recover as quickly as possible. She manages to get him well enough to walk around his estate with in a few months. He gets a surprise visit from Riddler, Phobia, and the Mad Hatter. As they attempt to talk to him, he insults and degrades them, enraging Phobia and the Mad Hatter. Riddler struggles to keep the peace, and tells Cobblepot that they had come with a business proposal for a new nightclub that would dominate the nightlife of the city. Unwilling to even let Riddler finish, and Cobblepot rejects their proposal. Phobia and the Mad Hatter finally had enough of his attitude, and attack. Phobia injects him with fear toxin, and take great pleasure in watching him suffer. Mad Hatter deals the final blow and puts one of his mind control cards on Cobblepot’s head. Oswald goes into a coma, and the Mad Hatter and Phobia take over his business. After being in the coma for months, he wakes up, livid about what has happened. After he finds out that Phobia has taken over his turf, he begins to make plans for a hostile take over. No one takes his city away from him. 

During the Invasion, Oswald holds himself up in the Iceberg Lounge and waits it out. He makes no effort to assist others, that is until they pay him to hide in the Lounge. Despite all the damage and destruction to the rest of the city, the Lounge has remained fairly in tact. The repairs to the exterior are relatively inexpensive and he is able to open for business fairly quickly. Business is booming now that the city is struggling to finish reconstruction and Oswald takes advantage of the low spirits of the citizens to boost his profits. Finding out about Riddler's relationship with Batgirl, he summons her to his office. He expresses his concerns for Riddler's disappearance and points out that Eddie's love of her could be the reason for it. When she tells him that she hasn't been able to contact him in anyway, they agree to work together to look for him. While looking for information about Riddler's whereabouts, he continues to put up a front of utter contempt for Batgirl to avoid suspicion. As they look for Riddler, the election is announced. Deciding to take full advantage of this, Oswald hosts a press conference outside the Iceberg Lounge and sends the city in a tizzy with his “emotional” speech. To further enhance his popularity, he uses his beloved pet flamingo Gerald to announce a charity ball. Despite the chaos that Gerald creates during the ball, it is highly sucessful. Most of the funds go towards repairs to the zoo and building a new state of the art bird sanctuary, though a small percentage does go to himself and his criminal business associates.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Oswald has genius-level intellect, and is a well known criminal mastermind. He prides himself in his tactical analysis, and expertise in combat (when in good health, he has an uncannily high agility level and is fast for his body stature, as he is also a master of Judo). Oswald has excellent leadership skills, and is an avian trainer.

However, from an early age he was never very physically strong or appealing, now he is severely weakened because of his recent health problems. Oswald is a very controlling person, and believes he "owns" the city. His love of birds borders on obsession (his favorite pet is Gerald, the only bird he allows to roam freely in the lounge...despite all the damage Gerald causes).

Personal RelationshipsEdit

Riddler: Oswald does not have very many close relationships however he is very close to Riddler, the only person he truly considers a friend. Despite how close he is to Riddler, he will never admit to having an emotional attachment to him. 

Batgirl: Oswald has a bit of a love/hate relationship with Batgirl. Her relationship with Riddler confuses him but he respects her and Riddler enough to stay out of it...even trying to bring them back together as a couple when he realizes how much she means to Riddler. He is helping her look for Riddler since his disappearance.

Andrea Beaumont-Blake: Oswald has found himself becoming rather fond of Andrea, developing a fatherly love for her. Even though he does not admit to it, he goes out of his way to ensure that she gets what ever she requires and looks out for her when he can. He tolerates Phobia for Andrea's sake.

Phobia: Oswald hates this woman with a burning passion, even torturing her business associate Apatia and kidnapping Scarecrow as a way of revenge for when she put him into the coma. However, he finds her high criminal status useful and will do business with her.

Apatia: Oswald doesn't care about her but acknowledges her existence. He has found her useful in the past and will use her as an informant in the future should the need come up.