Founded in 2013


Denizens of Gotham, by now you will have noticed an alteration in the topography of Blackgate Island and the former location the Steel Mill. More to the point, you’ll have noted both are now suspended above the Arkham District.

There is no cause for alarm. Quite the opposite.

My floating haven, Stratopia, represents peace above all else, a sanctuary of beauty and hope risen above the corruption and decay that is Gotham. It is an Ark of renewal.

I say now, to anyone who would interfere with the existence of Stratopia, to take pause and reconsider what you might do.

Both the Steel Mill and Blackgate Island are disavowed by the Federal Government, meaning the land belongs to those who occupy it. Even given this fact, I’ve deposited three million dollars into Gotham’s treasury. This transfer is online for all to see, but you’d best hurry, funds have a way of disappearing quickly in Gotham.

As to the corrupt and compromised so-called authorities of Gotham, you have no cause or reason to harass me. The same disavowment of Arkham holds true for the airspace above the District. I have as much right to be here as anyone and the presence of Stratopia is not illegal. Do not approach its borders. Do not trespass.

To the disguised vigilantes who swarm in the City, this warning against trespass holds even more true. Approach Stratopoia’s borders and I will defend it. What happens here is none of your concern and I am uninterested in your ‘protection’ anymore than I would welcome other forms of organized gangsterism.

In the coming days and weeks many of Gotham’s residents will receive an invitation to either work in this haven or, more rarely, become a citizen. Some of you have already received notices. The Constitution and laws of Stratopia are listed on the invites, as are the pay-scales for occupations.

Please consider the invitations in a positive light. In Stratopia your talents will be generously compensated rather than merely exploited. Your Human Rights will be observed, rather than be trampled upon by criminals masquerading as officials.

Your Faithful Servant,

Kimo Fook, Primus Inter Pares of Stratopia

Stratopia DescriptionEdit

The township is suspended by Holt Anti-Grav Technology Kimo Fook acquired from Michael Holt's Blackgate lab.

At the establishment of the floating island, there was a ferry service up and down from Stratopia...

A worker's permit passed one through the holo/forcefield and into the terminal and onto the stealth-airbus...only the authorized could use it...permit and matching dna trace was needed...

The town itself was protected by a high-energy forcefield laced with ionized Kryptonite to keep unwanted visitors at bay, normal and Meta.

The Fook estate had individual fields protecting various parts of the big house but not kryptonite-laced. The house itself was divided between the brother and sister...Jane Fook’s was the east wing...Kimo’s the west, with the public areas in the middle

Kimo’s workshop was in the basement beneath his study.

The popular Moulin Rouge Cabaret is located in the village green area.

Post Larfleeze Attack

For security reasons, Fook moved the town from above Arkham out over the Atlantic.

Following its reposition, Stratopia suffered an attack by the meta-being, Larfleeze. During the attack, Stratopia's foundation cracked, spilling hundreds of people into the Atlantic Ocean below. Fook's sister, Jane, was among the fatalities.

The SteamPunk Dies

During a routine maintanace of Stratopia's E/M shield defenses, Fook was attacked by an agent of Darkseid. Seriously wounded, Fook revealed the location of the transporter device he had constructed from Mr. Terrific's files.

While lying helpless on the ground, Fook was fatally shot by Andrea Beaumont-Blake, in retaliation for his repeat kidnapping of her.

James Holt Era

Currently, Stratopia exists under the City Managership of James Holt, a photonic-being, generated by the AI Quantum Computer, constructed by Michael Holt before his assumed death.

Although maintaining its massive defensive capabilities, Stratopia now exists as an open freeport and can be reached by conventional aircraft. The Fook estate has been converted to the town's Government House. The manufacturing complex, The Gadget Factory, is now James Holt's shielded residence.

The township is also the secret location of the Leaky Boat whistle-blower website server.

Additionally, Holt plans to make Stratopia the foundation stone for a Space-Elevator construction project.