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==Section heading Name:Tigare` Point D' Eclair/ Flashpoint

Gender: Male (Metahuman)

Age: appears to be about 21 yrs. old ( but was born Dec. 13, 1931)

Appearance: Hair; Ash blonde....Height; 6' 11".....Medium Build ( though he's stronger than he looks) eye color: Cobolt blue

Powers/abilities/skills: Pyrokinesis: able to cause anything to catch fire and burn in his line of sight( within 400 yards) Martial arts expert, kendo, karate, kung fu, ninjitsu, tai-jutsu, savate Master Sharpshooter/Sniper and Weapons Specialist (strength level 50% that of Minotaur) Heals 5% faster then the normal rate immunity to fire and can shape it to his will Weakness: (yes you must have a weakness) Standard Human weaknesses. if he can't see it, he can't hit it or cause it to catch fire. can be over come in a prolonged fight==

Write the first section of your page here. Bio: born in Leon, France.....moved to Paris at 4 to live w/ Grand folks after the death of his parents. Joined the resistance at 10,and learned all he could about weapons, and fighting, fought along side the Allied Forces until the end of WW2, when to Japan and learned all Martial Acts that he could, Became a "gun for hire" after he left Japan. had found out about his abillity to cause things to burn about the time his Grand father died by being shot by a German Solider, he set the Solider ablaze by just thinking/willing it to happen,was of much help to FRF (French Resistance Forces) by using it to set fire to German Supply Dumps.

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