Batman 1989 Alexander Knox and Vicki Vale in the armory

Batman 1989 Alexander Knox and Vicki Vale in the armory

Vicki Vale Earth-31 004

First apperance Batman Comic #49 Oct/Nov 1948


Bob Kane drew her as a redhaired Marilyn Monroe. She worked for the Gotham Gazette newspaper. As one of Bruce Wayne's many love-interests, she was also attracted to Batman. Vale, in fact suspected the then millionaire and the outlaw of being the same person.

Vale has appeared in DC Comics, and other media, consistantly through the decades of the 40's, 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's, 2000's. up to 2011.

In addition, Vicki Vale appeared both in the Batman 1989 film and the video game, Arkham City. A second tier Batman/Gotham Universe character, her staying power defines her as an iconic figure nevertheless.

Interestingly, Vale also discovered not only Bruce Wayne's idenity as Batman, but, also Barbara Gordon's Batgirl alter ego and Dick Grayson's Robin.

Driven, morbidly ambitious, unscrupulous, with situational ethics. Physically courageous. She's the Lois Lane that Lois Lane wants to be.



Victoria Vale is currently available as a NPC character.

She is involved in CryBaby's arc to control the Gotham Underworld. The two of them are involved in a torrid lust-affair.