Zatanna de Zatarra resides in San Francisco.  She frequents Arkham City Limits through a

mirror kept in the basement of the shop she was able to procure in the rundown part of Gotham, The Grimberg Occult Store.  The site interested her because it connects to old tunnels that lead down into the wreckage of Wonder City, where it is rumored there is a Lazarus Pit.  Zatanna has scars running up her forearms like tattoos.  They glow silver when she uses her magic.  She has mostly healed since stepping foot in Gotham and lying low as proprieter of the occult shop, but the scars were a result of her tampering with another Lazarus Pit when she had been trying to find a way to bring back her father, also a renowned magician.  Since then, she's been trying to find out more about her mother's side, as her powers are also tied to the alien woman.  For the record, Zatanna is on Zatanna's side.  "You should be careful what you wish for, cuz all of us has a little devil inside."

Powers and Abilities Edit

Zatanna has two ways to use her magic.  She can either speak her spells backwards (as those in attendance to Harley's almost-wedding can attest) or writing them in blood (as BatCat can confirm). Up to this point, Zatanna's magic would take a toll on
Zatanna hex Clark-0

Zatanna hex Clark-0

her that would take time to recharge.  She's a great healer, and has helped a few ACL citizens in the past year. However, she does not have perfect control or a lot of experience with Death Magic.  Recently, Zatanna's fighting skills have been showcased in the video game, Injustice League.  In ACL, she prefers her magic and her knives in a fight.